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Stop Living


Embark on a personalized journey to break free from living paycheck-to-paycheck. Our guided budgeting and strategic financial roadmap makes managing money more achievable and even enjoyable. Step confidently into your financial future.

In the EU, +50% of people live paycheck-to-paycheck

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is a distressing reality where individuals, with scant or no savings, depend solely on monthly earnings to cover expenses. Unexpected costs often lead to a debt cycle, adding financial stress. This issue, alarming in the EU with over 50% affected, can be even graver elsewhere. Solutions are urgently needed to help individuals regain financial control, escape this cycle, and foster a more secure future.

Getting Your Finances in Check

In order to get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, you just need to follow the golden triad.

Create a Budget

Pay Off Your Debt

Increase Your Income

People need more than a Budgeting App

Sticking to the “golden triad” of budgeting, paying off debt, and increasing income is challenging. It requires discipline, knowledge, and often a behavioral shift – tasks that a simple budgeting app may not support effectively. Overcoming these hurdles needs a comprehensive, engaging platform that educates, motivates, and guides. FinKratt is such platform.

Meet FinKratt

FinKratt is an e-money account and automated cash-flow solution that guides you to better financial decisions.

You can hold your money with FinKratt, and you will always have a clear overview of your budget and financial roadmap. Your income will be automatically divided according to your custom settings. 

FinKratt is also a smart account, which means that it understands your financial needs and is able to suggest more affordable and better services available on the market.